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Cleaning for Health

Our main goal is to clean for health.  It means that we will clean in a professional way with professional cleaning supplies that are safe for you , your house, your pets, our cleaning team and for the environment after we leave your house.

How it works 


What we do?

Schedule your In Home estimate or have a phone consultation.

We will share with you our Cleaning Check list, Certificate of Insurance, References. And answer any questions you may have !


Get a price !

After going over all the details, we will share your Estimate based on size, condition, service requested.


We Clean

Schedule your Service with our team!

We will Bring all the cleaning supplies and equipments !  


You enjoy !

We save you HOURS of your precious time. 

Yes, we want you to enjoy your clean home, the fresh air, free of dust, clean bedsheets, shiny appliances, no dishes to wash, no laundry to fold! 

Enjoy :) 

Is In-Home Estimate necessary ?

We always recommend a In Home estimate if you are interested in a recurring service. But its not a requirement

We know you have a very busy schedule, and if you are not interested in meeting with us for a quote, we will be happy to provide you with a "general" quote based on the size of your house. We will email you the final price during or after the initial cleaning. 

Our Ultimate goal is to make your life stress-free, and if you prefer to skip the In-Home estimate. Please let us know.



✔  Deep cleaning of the tubs and tile.

✔  Clean shower doors or curtains.

✔  Clean and Disinfect All surfaces

✔  Wipe Mirror

✔  Chrome Fixtures cleaned and shined

✔  Toilet disinfected inside and out, including base and behind and floors around it.

✔  Towels changed if left out, if not it will be folded.

✔  Dust Lamps and Lights 

✔  Wipe top of Medicine Cabinets

✔  Wipe all Cabinets and Vanity

✔  Remove all trash and disinfect the area

✔  Wipe baseboards and doors

✔  Wipe Light Switches

✔  Vacuum Floors and Mop

✔  General Straightening if needed.



✔  Change sheets or fix bed

✔  Dust and Polish furnitures

✔ Vacuum and Mop Floors

✔  Dust Lamps and Light Fixtures

✔  Dust All Pictures Frames and Ornaments

✔  Window Sils 

✔  Vacuum Under bed and furnitures 

✔  Dust Baseboards

✔  Dust Blinds

✔  General Straightening if needed it

✔  Remove Cobwebs

✔  Clean inside closets 

✔  Take out Trash

✔  Remove Fingerprints from doors and switch

✔  Put dirty sheets in the washer


Living Rooms

✔  Dust and Polish furnitures

✔  Wipe all baseboards and woodworks 

✔  Dust Ceiling Fans

✔  Wipe Windows Sils 

✔  Dust Blinds

✔  Remove Cobwebs

✔  Remove Fingerprints from switch plates

✔  Vacuum Furnitures and Rugs 

✔  Vacuum Floors and Mop floors

✔  Dust Light Fixtures 

✔  Take out Trash 

✔  Dust Pictures Frames or Ornaments 

IMG_2375 2.JPG


✔  Clean all appliances in and out

✔  Clean counters and Backsplashes

✔  Take trash and Wipe trashcan

✔  Mop Floors

✔  Clean Light Fixtures 

✔  Clean All Cabinets 

✔  Sinks scrubbed and disinfected

✔  Wipe all Windows and Dust Binds

✔  Baseboards

✔  Fingerprints removed from all switch plates

✔  Wipe tables and chairs 

✔  Remove Cobwebs


Business & offices

General Cleaning for any business:

✔  Take out trash and replace bags

✔  Dust and wipe desk and surfaces

✔  Wipe and Disinfect Phones

✔  Vaccum Floors 

✔  Dust Blinds and Windows Sils

✔  Dust Chair legs

✔  Clean and Disinfect bathrooms

✔ Clean Entrance door (in and out)

For more information contact our commercial site:

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