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Our Services 


Initial Cleaning

This will be your initial cleaning. We will focus on everything and clean everything. Its Called a Deep cleaning because we will clean things that you don't really get to clean everyday ! 


Recurring Cleaning

We offer very flexible schedule. Daily, Weekly , every 2, 3, 4, or even 5 weeks.    You can set up an automated schedule or call for your recurring service each time. 

We will help you keep your house clean and organized! so you can have more free time!


Move-in & Move-out

We know how stressful moving can be, and the last thing you want to do is cleaning your empty home after packing so many boxes! We offer a very detailed cleaning, Help you pack or unpack if need to , and work around your boxes or mover's schedule. 


One time cleaning

Are you planning an event , birthday or a party and you need help Before, After or During your event ?  We are here to help you keep everything in order ! 


Deep cleaning

You had some work done, and your house is full of dust?  

Are you putting your house on the market? 

We are here to make your house shine again!


Seasonal Cleaning

Allergy season ? you need a spring cleaning ? we can help you organize, empty all your closets, cabinets, etc.. clean it and put it back together.  Clean your Deck, Patios or other small outdoor area. 

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Special Request Service

Are you a Real-estate agent? Property manager or a Interior Designer ? 

Do you have a family member who is ill? or we need extra attention disinfecting your house? We are here to help !

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Commercial Cleaning 

Do you own a medical office, spa, office space, Vet Clinics, Daycare and other businesses ? 

We can help you with your Daily or Weekly service. During or after work hours. 

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